Plum Fuse

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How can I create voice applications using Plum Fuse?

Click the button.  You will usually find this button in the upper right of the page.

Then, simply wire modules together to automate your phone call. You can even test Plum Fuse and run apps before signing up for an account.

Is there reference material that will help me learn all the features of Plum Fuse?

Yes.  You can access the Plum Fuse tutorials for walkthroughs on building applications and managing your account. Other reference material is also available on our documentation site.

Can I get help building applications?

Ask questions on our Plum Fuse support forum, and our application development experts will give you a reply.

Does Plum Fuse support speech recognition?

Of course.  You couldn’t build innovative, high-quality voice applications without it.

What about text-to-speech?

Supported.  Choose from three TTS engines and nearly forty voices in a variety of languages.


What are the monthly costs of using Plum Fuse in production?

Please contact a Plum account executive to discuss your needs. We will prepare monthly pricing information tailored to meet your requirements.



How do I access support?

Please post your question on our support forums, and our helpful experts will answer it as soon as possible.