Topic: New "Fetch from URL" (REST) module

We've rolled out the much requested QuickFuse REST module.  Here’s a brief description of the module’s functionality from the QuickFuse Tutorial:

The Fetch from URL module is used to fetch the contents of an internet resource from within your IVR application and interpret the results. It can be used to fetch files, post data, and integrate with REST webservices. The Fetch from URL module currently supports the HTTP and HTTPS protocols with a variety of methods: GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE. Fetched data in JSON, XML, CSV, and plaintext format can be interpreted and stored in variables or the Stack.  Other supported features of HTTP include custom headers, PUT data, and HTTP Basic Authentication.

So now, there are two options for integrating your voice app with data sources over the internet: SOAP, and REST.

For more information please visit the module docs or the tutorial.