Topic: Setting ani sometimes not working

Using our outbound application, we upload a cvs of data to be called, like below. We set the ani for all our calls to be "1111111111", as that's what the client requested.

This works and probably 90-95% of the time the calls come through and caller id shows as "111-111-1111", but about 5-10% of the time it shows up as either "unknown number", "private number", or "000-000-0000". We have not noticed any pattern, like certain people having this happen more often or anything like that. It feels pretty random, one call will come through with the right ID and the next call to the same number might show 000-000-0000.

Any idea why this might happen on a small number of calls? Is it because some outgoing lines are configured differently and don't honor setting the ani?

8,"tel:484-543-2068;ani=1111111111",1,"Hello, this",

Re: Setting ani sometimes not working

We have the power to set the ANI, however the receiving carrier determines and has the final say in what to display for the caller ID.