Topic: First name speech recognition not working

When I try to use the "First name" module in an app, and run a test call, it is completely unable to recognize any standard voice inputs ("Tom", "Fred", "Alice", "Mike").  I've tried a number of different settings at this point on the module (optimistic asr, pessimistic asr, etc.) but none work.  Is there a way to improve the voice recognition on this?

Re: First name speech recognition not working

The first and last name grammars require you to say the name, and then spell it. So for Tom, you would have to say "Tom. T, O, M."

We also noticed that your app is using a Spanish AT&T voice. This means

1. You have to say and spell the name in Spanish.

2. Voices not from Nuance RealSpeak 4.0 are only available for inbound calls. If you are testing with the run button, that is technically an outbound call, which may be causing problems. Because of this, we recommend you pick a Nuance RealSpeak TTS engine.