Topic: Postal Codes

Hi I'm new to this and I'd like to create an app that records 6 digit postal codes and then sends that to an HTTP that returns a number to forward the caller to.
How can I get the postal code by voice?  It will be of the form LNL NLN where L=letter, N=number.  For example: N1R5S5

Can anyone help?
Thanks you

Re: Postal Codes

Unfortunately Fuse only supports numeric-only postal codes at this time.

Re: Postal Codes

Would it be possible for them to say their Canadian province and city name?  I know I can get the province, but not sure how to get the city?

Can you help?

Re: Postal Codes

Fuse only supports US addresses at this time. However, you could use the VXML Subdialog module (found under Data Integration) to collect your Canadian address in a separate VXML subdialog. Our platform, Plum Dev, does support Canadian addresses.

However, you will need to write your own subdialog in VXML and host it on your own webserver. More details can be found here: … _subdialog