Topic: Slow response from

We are seeing upward of 15 seconds for the to respond.

It didn't seem to take that long a few weeks ago, but we have thousands of campaigns out there now. Could it be getting slower as we add more and more campaigns?

Also note, that I had reported that the My Campaigns tool doesn't work at all (page freezes). Possibly both related to the same issue, i.e., too many campaign records?

If so, how can we clear them?

Re: Slow response from

We are actively working on a fix to help with this issue, and will let you know as soon as it is deployed.

Re: Slow response from

Our representative reporting another case where they answered the phone and had to wait through 15 seconds of dead air time before the app responded. Incidentally, the first thing the application does is say "Hello".

Re: Slow response from

Does your representative say "hello?" when they pick up the phone? Outbound calls do not connect until they detect noise from the other line. If your callee picks up and does not say anything, it could take up to 15 seconds for the phone to pick up enough background noise to connect the call.

Also, your campaigns page should be working now. Please let us know if you run into further issues.