Topic: Exporting application to a different account

We have a client of ours that is interested in using Plum for their IVR services by hosting our Plum application on their own account, completely separate from our Plum account.

My question is, if this client signs up for their own account is there a way for me to export the application from our Plum account and import it into theirs? Or would we have to rebuild the application in their account?

I see the "Share" option, but I don't have another account to test that feature with, so I want to make sure what I want to do is possible.

Any tips/tricks to make exporting/importing (or sharing) an app as smooth as possible?

Re: Exporting application to a different account

You can share your application to any other Fuse user. Be sure to pay attention to the permissions you give them as you share your application. If you want your client to have free reign over the application (including the ability to rewrite it entirely), give them all permissions. If you don't want your client changing your original work, then simply do not check off any permissions.