Topic: Saving user selection on Outbound

Gents, how can I save the user selection into the database form their selection inside the menuchoice module for outbound? Is there a way to capture that as a value with a date stamp for every menuchoice used on the dialplan?

1) First menuchoice is:
Press 1 for sales
Press 2 for support
Press 3 to get out of here

Would like to capture the time and date when the user selected "sales". example output:
variable name: menuchoice1
variable value: 1
variable datetime: 01/01/1900:23:59:59

Re: Saving user selection on Outbound

Hi Gabriel,

You can create your own logging system by calling your webservice, or inserting into Simple DB at specific points of the call flow. (Please note Simple DB is not hosted on Plum's servers, so we technically don't support it.) You can capture the time and date with the Parse Date/Time module.