Topic: Regarding 'Call Property-DNIS' value

How is the call property, DNIS internally evaluated?

Is it always going to be the assigned plum voice number? Or will "+1" or "0" be possibly prepended to it? This is critical as some parts of our app depend on the DNIS value.

Re: Regarding 'Call Property-DNIS' value

We receive the DNIS from the platform. The DNIS will always be a number that is hosted with us, Plum Voice. Whether you originally receive that number from us, or whether you RESPORG that number from your previous provider to us doesn't matter. You can see the format of your DNIS when you assign an application to it. Typically it will not have the "+1" or "0" but it may, depending on a number of factors, including whether it was RESPORG'd or if it's an international phone number.