Topic: Run another app performance

I have written an app using a monolithic approach, and then re-written it using a more modular approach with the "Run another app" function.  However, the use of this function seems to introduce a great deal of command execution delay.  Is there any way to reduce the induced delay?

Re: Run another app performance

Unfortunately there isn't a way to reduce the delay associated with the "Run another app" function since the application needs time to fetch your application and process the call flow. As a result, a 'monolithic' call will perform better than one spread out over many applications.

If you are using multiple apps as a way to organize, you could also modularize your app by using pages, and the "Jump to Page" function. This would also be an improvement, delay-wise, over your current modularized app.

Are you experiencing a large amount of delay, ie. upwards of 20 seconds between every app jump?