Topic: Logging

Hi Admin,

Quick question do you log certain things like multiple attempts to understand a customer?

If that is logged, do you make it available?

I'm wondering how often the system is asking customers 2&3 times to please repeat their answers.

Also, if I have error handling set to transfer call to outside number, do you log when that occurs and is it available to track?

This might affect how I have the app set.

Thank you

Re: Logging

Hi Sam,

Fuse doesn't have call logs the way the Plum Dev platform does. However, you can create your own logging system by calling your webservice, or inserting into Simple DB at specific points of the call flow. (Please note Simple DB is not hosted with Plum's servers, so we technically don't support it.)

You can turn on error handling for your prompts, and use the branch on number module to figure out how many times a user has tried to input specific data. You could do the same for transfers. Right before the transfer, you can call your webservice/insert into simple DB the current time, so you know when that happens.