Topic: Improve Customer Interaction


Can you think of any way to further simplify/improve the 1800unlocks phone system?  The less input we need from the caller, the better. 

At the moment we are using the voice recognition to gather customer's city/state and then full street address.  I think that is critical.  Using zip code doesn't get us narrowed down enough.  However I'm seeing several failure in the call logs, which appears to mean Plum is not always capturing the customer's information beginning with City/State.
We do a broad range city/state lookup if street address fails.
I do think Plum does a great job, but with impending advertisement, I want to make sure we are set up for success as best as possible. 

Caller ID to most recent failures are:
4697320322 - time was 2014-08-26 11:11:31
9122374487 - time was 2014-08-26 09:41:03

Are there other improvements we can make to the voice recognition?

Would you recommend we use a backup zip code entry if city/state fails?

Re: Improve Customer Interaction

There are couple options:

1. Add error handling to the city/state module so if it fails, then ask the user for their ZIP code instead.

2. Always ask for the city/state and ZIP, so you may use both to determine the address.

Without being familiar with how your lookup webservice works, we can't recommend which one would be more effective, but both should help with capturing your caller's address.