Topic: Not recognizing key presses

We have had several instances in our testing, and as well with our customers now opening support tickets with us, of the IVR not recognizing key presses.   Example we have a min/max 6 digit entry module, and the person enters 6 digits, and it tells us they did not enter the correct number of digits.   It will often take a single key press as a broken up double key press, or sometimes just not hear a key press at all.

We realize this may be related to mobile phones and / or IP based phones, but since the majority of callers are using one or the other of these, we really need to get this resolved.   

This is seriously impacting our bottom line.   

Please try if you can to build in a workaround or increase bandwidth or do whatever is needed that these callers key presses are heard more clearly and get through to the next step?    We are losing money because of dropped calls.

Thanks for your time and looking into this.

Re: Not recognizing key presses

Mobile phones should have no problems sending DTMF. Only VoIP phones like Skype, Google Voice, etc. are unreliable at sending DTMF. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about VoIP phones' unreliable DTMF.

While this is not a fix, you might mitigate the problem with better error handling. Instead of restricting the digit entry module to 6 digits, you could let the user enter any amount of digits (while still prompting for 6). Afterwards, ask them to confirm the input.

If you are experiencing dropped calls with regular mobile phones, please tell us how to reproduce the problem.