Topic: HELP! My local number is not working

Hi there,

We have a local number for Dominican Republic starting with 829 and it stopped working for the last 9 hours.  When I call the number, it says that it's not in service.  Please help.  Thanks.

Re: HELP! My local number is not working


As this issue deals more with your telephone number rather than QuickFuse itself, we would recommend that you open a ticket with our support team using the instructions provided in your support letter with Plum. Please make sure to have your 8-digit customer ID ready if making a call to our support team or to provide your 8-digit customer ID in the Subject: line of your e-mail if sending an e-mail to our support team.

Also, it would help if you could provide our support team with call examples demonstrating this issue with the following information:

date, time, number dialled, calling number, calling network

The QuickFuse Team