Topic: Not able to connect to my WSDL

Hi all. I have an app which communicated to my WSDL and gets a result variable. The system has been working fine but since the last few days there has been a persistent issue. My application now throws a connection error when I try to connect. But sometimes, everything works fine. It's an On-Off kind of issue and hence I believe it is not an issue with my code.

Does anyone face similar problem? Is there a bug in the developer environment?

Do advice.

Re: Not able to connect to my WSDL


We haven't heard from other QuickFuse users about being unable to access their WSDLs. Could you give us the exact timestamps of when you could not connect? That way we'll be able to determine whether the connection is failing on the QuickFuse or the WSDL side.

The QuickFuse Team