Topic: Call Property: Answeringmachine

I'd like access to a property that would identify whether or not the active outbound IVR call is (most likely) with a live person or a voicemail/answeringmachine.

This way, if my campaign is going out to a live person, I can prompt for interactions... but skip those prompts if the call is leaving a message on someone's voicemail.

Re: Call Property: Answeringmachine

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for your feedback.

We have added this to our internal feature request page to be considered for future releases of QuickFuse.

The QuickFuse Team

Re: Call Property: Answeringmachine

I wouldn't have even thought about it except I'm comparing it against other vendors who both did have that functionality (though one forced the creation of two entirely separate apps just to handle one for live calls and one for recordings).

I love the ease of use for designing apps via QuickFuse and it's so close to the software-as-a-service model we've been looking for.

I really hope it's something that can be implemented. It would go a long way in help making a more professional sounding call to our customers.

Does QuickFuse offer any sort of public list of feature requests that users are able to vote on and help prioritize?

Re: Call Property: Answeringmachine

No, there's no public feature request list, but thank you for your interest.