Topic: New line in SMS message

I am adding capability for our app to send a text to users. It's working except I cannot figure out how to get a line break. I have tried \r\n, \\n, \n, \n\n, %0A, <br /> - I have tried url encoding the message and html encoding it. Nothing is working, the new line chars just show up as literal text within the received sms.

Our app works by querying a SOAP service to get the message to send out.

I can supply info via pm to run the method on the web service so you can see what it is returning if that would be helpful.

Any ideas?

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Re: New line in SMS message

Unfortunately this feature is not available in Fuse's built-in SMS functionality. You may workaround this by using our SMS API with a REST module: … msoutbound

Please contact your account manager about getting SMS capabilities into your DEV account. You may also consider migrating to Fuse+, which is our newest iteration of Plum Fuse (

Re: New line in SMS message

ok, thank you. When migrating to Fuse+, do apps port over in an automated manner without needing to be modified? Is there documentation you can point me to on the migration process and feature/technical differences?

Also, is it possible to call that DEV SMS api from the Fuse app? Or the entire app would need to be ported over?

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Re: New line in SMS message

There is no automated porting from old Fuse to Fuse+. Your Fuse app will have to be rebuilt in Fuse+ as there are new features you can take advantage of to make your callflow more streamlined.

You may call the DEV SMS API from your existing Fuse app as well.