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Hello, I am having a problem cloning a project relating to several simple prompts. I'd like to start by saying I inherited this code from someone else, so my plum fuse experience is small but growing quickly. One of the first things I wanted to do was clone the original app so that I could work on it without any chance of altering our current production version of the app. Unfortunately, It seems even cloning broke some of the prompts. These prompts seemed strange to me to begin with because while they have text to read out loud like all other prompts, they don't actually read the text in the text box. Instead, the program speaks a sentence that is referenced nowhere else in the app. Even more strange is the voice sounds like a recording of one of my companies products as opposed to the usual text to speech interface plum fuse has for any other basic prompt. Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction? How does a simple prompt activate and then say something that isn't in the prompt and with a voice that doesn't sound like the usual plum fuse text to speech? Its almost as though its a custom recording my predecessor may have uploaded, but I have no idea how he did that, where its stored, and why a simple prompt could trigger it playing. The text that actually is in the simple prompt mimics a reference like convention. For example, in one simple prompt box it says "greeting 1". In the original version of the app, it plays the recording I can't find. In my cloned version it literally speaks "greeting 1", but both of the simple prompt boxes from my clone and the original are set up the same way. Any help is appreciated and if someone requires more details, please feel free to ask.

Re: Simple Prompt Plays Recording?

First, if you are new Fuse user, we highly recommend using instead Fuse+:

It is the newest version of Fuse, is far easier to use and supports more functionality. There are several components of this older Fuse we do not support.

To answer your question, we recommend reading over the audio manager docs as an introduction to how audio files work with Plum Fuse applications:

All the text in your application shows up in Audio Manager, where you can upload audio files for each prompt. The original application you are working on has audio uploaded for its prompts. However, when you clone an application, it does not clone the audio files. So you are hearing the raw TTS (text to speak) of the prompt text, instead of any audio files.

Re: Simple Prompt Plays Recording?

Thank you for your response. This is starting to make a little more sense to me now. Unfortunately we don't have access to the audio files which were uploaded by my predecessor. Is there any way I could pull the audio files down from the plum fuse service? Or perhaps is there any way to transfer a copy of those audio files to my cloned version of the app? I could potentially recreate all of the audio files myself if they really are lost, but it wouldn't be the easiest process.

Also, thank you for the audio page link and the Fuse+ link.

Re: Simple Prompt Plays Recording?

Unfortunately there is no way to pull the audio files from Fuse, you must upload the original audio again. We apologize for the inconvenience.