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I created an outgoing campaign with an expiration date way in the future. I saved my campaign and put a couple rows in the table. It called those number and then I went to do some other things. Half an hour later or so I added more rows to the table by uploading a CSV file. The program did not process those new rows, even after waiting several minutes.

The campaign has a status of "done", but doesn't expire until 2018...why does it not continue to call new rows add to the table?
Here is an image showing the campaign that was supposed to be active until 2018:

Second, I'm not seeing how I would initiate a SOAP call back to my web service if a call is not answered...can you explain that?

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Re: Outgoing campaign

When you queue an outbound campaign, all the rows in your table are submitted to the outbound queue. If you add more rows to your table after submitting your request, they will not be included in the campaign. You must already have all the phone numbers before queueing an outbound campaign. Once a campaign is done, it will not queue any more calls, even if the expiration is far in the future. If you wish to add more phone numbers, please create a new campaign.

Second, Fuse does not support this functionality. Fuse only supports webservice calls during, or post-calls. If this is a necessary requirement, we recommend using the Dev Outbound API, which allows you to specify a callback URL. This callback URL (your SOAP) will be called, even if the phone call was never picked up.

Re: Outgoing campaign

ok. thanks.

Regarding the queuing of outbound numbers for a there a way to know when to programmatically determine if a campaign completed so that I don't submit a new one until it has finished the previous one?

One other question...what happens if a voicemail picks up the call? Does Fuse detect that? Is there any way to determine that in the outbound app? If voicemail answers, will the first prompt of our outbound app be spoken when the voicemail is ready?

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Re: Outgoing campaign

Fuse does not support callback URLs, which is how you would programmatically know when a campaign is complete. Plum Dev Outbound does support callback URLs.

If a voicemail picks up the call, the Fuse app will run as usual. We recommend putting a prompt at the beginning of your outbound app, asking users to press 1 to continue. If there is no input, you'll know there is not a live person on the other line, so you can hangup and retry the call later.