Topic: Elapsed (s) when customer hangs up

I have an IVR that is setup to post variables to a SOAP web service I created.  Everything is working fine except one thing.  One of the items I want to post back to my web service is the "Elapsed (s)" call property.  I can add a "Call Properties" module pulling the "Elapsed (s)" into a variable (Call_Elapsed) and then in the setup tell it to pass this variable as one of my SOAP parameters.  This works fine if all goes well and the caller is disconnected predictably.  However, if the client hangs up mid IVR or is otherwise disconnected, this value will not be current.  The data in the variable will only be as fresh as the last time I grabbed it from the "Elapsed (s)" property.

My question is this:  Is there any way for me to pass the "Elapsed (s)" call property directly as one of my SOAP parameters so it will always be the current Elapsed   (s)?  If not is there another way to accomplish this without having to update a variable on every step of my IVR with the updated value of "Elapsed (s)"?

Thank you.

Re: Elapsed (s) when customer hangs up

A better way to do this is to send the "start time" call property to your SOAP web service. That way you can calculate the elapsed time in your webservice.

Re: Elapsed (s) when customer hangs up

That is in fact what I ended up doing however there seems to be inaccuracies between my system clock and the fuse clock so the elapsed calculation isn't exact.  This is why I was hoping to either have the calculation done on the fuse side or at least get a start and end time stamp from the fuse side so I could then calculate an accurate elapsed value in my web service.  Any other possible solutions?

Re: Elapsed (s) when customer hangs up

No, also please keep in mind that the "inaccuracies"  you see between your system clock and Fuse clock are most likely due to the fact that after the user hangs up, it still takes time for Fuse to resolve the post call processing.