Topic: How to play a DTMF tone

We want to play a DTMF tone for the pound sign during our outbound call to stop voice mail greetings and cause the voice mail to start recording the downstream prompts.

I  have uploaded the desired DTMF tone and attached it to a prompt but the outbound app does not seem to play the tone. It sounds fine in the quickfuseapp console but the app does not play the sound when I answer the phone.

How can we upload a DTMF tone so the quickfuse app will play it properly?

Re: How to play a DTMF tone

We placed a couple outbound test calls from your application and we heard the tone audio file. However, it's not registering as an official DTMF tone for the pound sign. Please let us know if you are not hearing the audio file at all.

Unfortunately, Fuse does not support sending DTMF tones.

Re: How to play a DTMF tone

I think I see the issue... Yes, you hear the audio file play but it is just a blip in time. It does not play the same as the original file that was uploaded. Apparently the upload components encode the file somehow and the resulting tone is a fraction of the length of the original file.

Can you please offer a suggestion as to how we can play the SAME sound as that we uploaded?

Alternatively, obviously you have the ability to play DTMF tones, as that is your business. Maybe you could provide an audio file that would produce the pound sign DTMF tone with the proper fidelity required to register with phone systems?

Any help you can offer would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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Re: How to play a DTMF tone

If you go to Configure > Audio, where you upload audio, you can also hear it playback. What you hear during that playback is what you'll hear during the call. If your audio is being shortened after you upload, you may be uploading your audio in a format we don't support. We support the following audio formats:

8 kHz 8-bit µ-law encoded headerless (*.ul)
8 kHz 16-bit linear PCM WAV (*.wav)
8 kHz 8-bit µ-law WAV (*.wav)
8 kHz 8-bit a-law WAV (*.wav)
MP3 (*.mp3) - Note: If the audio file is poorly encoded, the mp3 will not work.

Also, we do not support spoofing DTMF tones. We don't transmit directly down the PSTN. Our platform is SIP based and sends DTMF tones as custom packets in the RTP stream. The gateway and/or session border controller would filter out the spoofed tones so the far end would never hear them.