Topic: Wait for voice mail greeting, then speak prompt

Our outbound app is designed to leave voice mail on the called number. The called numbers are our own phones. If, however, the called number voice mail has a greeting (which most do), the app does not wait for the greeting to finish before it starts speaking the next prompt and the callee's voice mail does not capture the first part of the text we tried to speak. It only captures the portion of the spoken message that occurred after the voice mail greeting stopped playing.

We need the app to wait for the greeting to stop before it starts speaking the next prompt OR we need to make the greeting stop immediately so the callee's voice mail will start recording our prompt immediately.

Is there a way to make the app wait for silence before it starts speaking? Or is there a way to delay the application for a specified length of time before it starts speaking?

Re: Wait for voice mail greeting, then speak prompt

You can delay the application for a specified length of time by adding a Simple Prompt module to the beginning of your application. Enter a specific keyword for this prompt, then configure audio to play a silent audio file for the prompt. You'll have to upload a silent audio that's as long as you'd like the pause. Make sure this prompt is not bargeable.

Re: Wait for voice mail greeting, then speak prompt

We continue to struggle trying to get the app to start talking at the right time, i.e., AFTER voice mail starts recording and BEFORE the voice mail gives up due to dead air.

We are currently seeing as much as 7-8 seconds delay before the first prompt is spoken, which happens to be the single word "Hello". The only thing the app does before that is set a few app variables and decide if additional keystrokes are needed to reach voice mail.

Is a 7-8 second delay normal before the app is started, i.e., is that what we should count on? It seems to vary dramatically but without diagnostic tools we can't see what is happening.

Please advise.

Re: Wait for voice mail greeting, then speak prompt

If you have any data integration to webservices or Simple Database before the first prompt, that may be the source of the delay. If not, you should hear your first prompt immediately. If you are testing via the Run! button, that also causes the application to be far slower than usual since it has to sync up with the visuals on the web browser.

Another thing that might be causing a "delay" for outbound calls is that outbound calls do not connect until they detect something on the other line. For example, if you queued an outbound call to yourself and said "Hello?" like a typical callee, the outbound call would start immediately. However, if you picked up and remained silent, the call would not begin until several seconds later when it detected it was connected.

There's no perfect way to make your outbound campaign leave voicemails but the best way to do this would be:

1. Outbound call goes out

2. Callee's phone rings then goes to voicemail

3. As soon as voicemail picks up, the outbound call is connected and will begin immediately

4. This is the imprecise part. You'll need to determine how many seconds to delay the call so that your message will begin after the callee's voicemail prompts have ended. This is different for every single voicemail system, but the more you know about your callees' voicemail systems, the more accurate you can make this delay.

If your outbound campaign reaches a real person, then this application would be pretty confusing for them as they would also hear that predetermined silence you added in the beginning. This is why we suggested in previous support emails that you use the workaround of playing a prompt like, "Please press 1 to hear your message." You should set the timeout to the number of seconds as determined in step 4 above. That way if it's a real person, they will press 1 and hear the message. If not, the application will wait x seconds to timeout, and then it can play the message anyway.