How would I initiate a call back associated with information (ANI for example) captured during an initial in-bound call?  For example, a customer may call in for information.  I want to create flow to call the customer back after n seconds with a response or status associated with the initial in-bound call.


You should create two apps: the initial inbound app and the outbound app.

For the inbound app, you'll need to use post call processing, which can be found under app settings. You'll need to write a SOAP webservice that calls the Fuse outbound API. Here are the docs on our outbound API:

Your SOAP webservice will have to create a CSV with the data you want in the outbound call, and upload it to simple DB. Then you'll queue an outbound campaign with that simple DB. In your outbound app, you'll have access to the data you uploaded in the CSV.