Topic: Customize URL Timeout

I have a REST service that I am calling from within my IVR app, which on it's first access, takes longer than normal to load and respond to requests. What is happening is that my Plum  Fuse app is seeing this as a server unavailable and proceeds to my error handling steps. Subsequent requests work fine. Is there a way of adjusting the timeout that Plum is using to determine an unresponsive server?

Re: Customize URL Timeout

The REST service timeout is 10 seconds. We believe that should be long enough for any webservice calls made from Fuse. Also, it prevents callers from sitting in silence due to slow webservice calls. We recommend looking into why your webservice takes over 10 seconds only during the first access.

Re: Customize URL Timeout

After doing some additional research, it is not the first request that is causing the issue. The web service call initiates a process on our server, which downloads a file from Amazon's S3 service, decrypts it, and sends it to a 3rd party faxing service. It is the result from the faxing service that I return to the Plum app to let it know if the fax request was successful or not. This works fine with documents that are only a couple of pages. It is on larger documents that the REST call is taking longer to respond. The fax portion actually completes successfully, but the caller is presented with an error because the Plum call has timed out.

Re: Customize URL Timeout

We recommend modifying your webservice so that it returns a result before it is sent to the 3rd party faxing service. Webservice calls made with Fuse should not last over 10 seconds, so if long faxes are unavoidable, we recommend doing them in post call processing, or as a subdialog.

If you do it as post call processing, technically Fuse will still throw an error, but the user isn't on the call anymore to hear it.

If you write your own subdialog, you have full control over how to call your webservice, including how long timeouts should be.