Topic: Soapresult module

We are trying to use our soap wsdl in the module, but ik keeps saying "Loading..."

When we try to test it in it is giving result for methods.

What can be the issue?

Re: Soapresult module

Your WSDL's namespaces are "xsd", "wsdl", "tns", "soap", and "ns1". However, some of the complex element types' namespaces are "xs", instead of "xsd". This is what's causing the SOAP module to infinitely load. To fix this, please ensure all  your complex element's types are "xsd".

Also, with our SOAP tester, you'll notice your WSDL loads correctly, but if you try to run any of the functions, the tester throws an error.

Re: Soapresult module

Hi, sorry for the delay.
The generated wsdl is standard generated code. I understand in this case it isn't possible to communicate unless we change our elements?

Re: Soapresult module

Yes, you need to make your namespaces match your elements. So you either need to change all of them to "xsd", or your namespace to "xs".