Topic: Critical Zip Module Bug

When using the Zip Code module, we've noticed that it isn't accepting zipcodes that begin with the number "0".

This means its impossible for about 5 or 6 states to use the system and enter a zipcode without getting stuck.  It should be noted we are NOT using 0 in any of our menu options nor as a global menu.  So something with the zip code module itself is buggy.

Re: Critical Zip Module Bug

CORRECTION: The system is accepting this, it was just the backup data table under "Data" that was stripped 0's out of the beginning of zipcodes.

Re: Critical Zip Module Bug

We don't support Simple Database, so we recommend backing up your data to your own database. However, as a workaround, you can use the Concatenate module to surround you ZIP code inside quotes. That will force Fuse to treat the ZIP code like a string instead of a number, so it'll preserve the preceding zero.