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Sure you get this question a lot, but I'm not finding an answer.  I just set up a trial account and am testing initiating an outbound campaign via the api.  When invoking the service I get the the NotAuth message: "Not authorized to run this application".   The documentation says that this means authentication was good, but that I'm not authorized to perform the action requested.  Unfortunately the api doc provides no guidance on what to do. I've triple checked the app_id and username:tablename.   Is there a configuration or setting I need to set to get this to work?

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Can you post an example of your curl request here? For security purposes, you should leave out your username and password, but please PM us with the credentials you're using.

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curl -u username:api_key \
    -d app_id='-ChvUnO3VE' \
    -d tablekey=jrice@●●●○●:VineExtendedOutage \
    -d dial_col=Phone \
    -d result_col=Result \

How do I PM you?

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Sorry, "PM" is a bit misleading. Click on my username (admin), and you'll see a link where you can send a forum email. As for why your curl request is failing, it should be formatted like this:

curl -u jrice@●●●○●:password -d app_id=-vChvUnO3VE -d tablekey=jrice@●●●○●:VineExtendedOutage -d dial_col=Phone -d result_col=Result

Your API key is just the password you use to log into Fuse. You don't need quotes around your application ID, and you were missing the "-v" from your app_id. Also, in your database, please remove all spaces from your phone numbers.

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Thanks, that worked.  The issue was the app_id.  I can't tell you the number of times I checked the app_id...