Topic: Ability to export application

Specifically, I would like to be able to export a QuickFuse application in some sort of text-based format (like XML or JSON or CSV or something like that) I have two separate reasons for wanting this functionality, but I can imagine needing it for even more reasons in the future.

1 - I would like to be able to refactor code without having to manually search trough the whole application.
    e.g. If I am trying to remove a variable that is no longer needed, I need to first manually go through every page and make sure that variable is not used on any of those pages.  As our application is getting quite large, this is becoming more of a pain.  If I could export the application as some sort of text-based file format, then I could simply search through the text file
    This also could apply to finding where the prompt is that a voice recording is associated.
    Or, in a situation where we set a globacl variable, quickly finding what behavior that variable affects.

2 - It is very hard to determine the differences between two versions of the same application.
    This comes up a fair amount in our workflow.  We have one person make a change, then have another person look over it "code review" before it goes out the door.  There is no easy way to compute a difference between two versions in Quickfuse, but if there was a text export, we could use any one of a number of difference engines.

Having a text-based export isn't the only solution possible here, but it seems to me it's the most generic and would solve the widest variety of use cases.

- Jonathan Loesch

Re: Ability to export application

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for your feedback.

We have added your request to our internal feature request page to be considered in future releases of QuickFuse.

The QuickFuse Team