Topic: Conflict Problem with Voice Recognition in Global Shortcuts

We ran into this issue a while back on our production application.  We eventually found a fairly simple workaround, but I still wanted to submit a bug report because I do believe it is a bug with QuickFuse.

I have created and shared a small test application to reproduce:
The specific revision I am talking about is 3.0

The issue is basically that the voice recognition feature in "Configure" > "Settings" > "Sound and Feel" > "Global Shortcuts" > "Or Say"  doesn't always work.  If there is a global shortcut for the word "operator", and there is a option in the menuChoice module for the work "operator", then saying "operator" will cause the application to exit entirely.

The documentation reads: "Note that the shortcut will not apply if the response is also valid for the active input."  This is true from my tests with DTMF shortcuts, but not with voice recognition.


There is also a separate, but possibly related issue.  I'm not sure if this second issue is even a bug, or just expected behavior, but global voice shortcuts do not apply to modules that are not expecting any voice input.  However, if you are listening for any word at all (it could be something unrelated like "one"), then the voice shortcut will take effect.

- Jonathan

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Re: Conflict Problem with Voice Recognition in Global Shortcuts

Hi Jonathan,

Yes, that first issue is a bug. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

As for the second issue, it is expected behavior. With DTMF-only input modules, we turn "off" listening altogether, to avoid accidental barge ins.

The QuickFuse Team