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Is there a way that the system can read back individual numbers - "one two three four" - instead of interpreting them as one big integer - "one thousand two hundred thirty four"?

If it's a prompt, I know that I can do this myself by simply placing a space between each number, but when the information is being read back from a database, it isn't that easy. Even if I could figure out how to consistently store the information with spaces between each number being stored, it wouldn't be consistent with our primary databases once the information is sent back to corporate HQ.

Any input in this regard would be much appreciated.

Thank you,
Tim G.

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Re: Individual numbers

Hi Tim,

You should use the "Set Variable" module (found under Variables and Math) to assign the number you want read aloud to a variable. Then you can use the "Say Variable" module. Click on the arrow on the upper-right corner of the module to access its options. You can turn on "spell out digits"

The QuickFuse Team

Re: Individual numbers

Awesome, that's just what I needed! Thank you!

I also see that I can allow users to barge in on the prompts, which previously I had thought was only allowed during menus, so even better!