Topic: Better support for multiple languages

So here is the problem with the current approach that requires you to duplicate the application for each language you wish to support. Take us for example with English and French. If we want to add a new menu option, I now have to do it twice. What would be ideal is to be able to specify the language in the app and store the english or french version in a variable and then just tell the app to speak the text in the variable. Makes maintenance much easier.  As it stands I will have n+1 applications where n is the number of languages I need to support. Add to that versions for our QA team and Production use and it grows further. Now multiply that for each customer we have and it will get out of hand for us quickly. With just a little more flexibility on the QuickFuse side, development and maintenance for your users will get easier, less complex, and more efficient. Not to mention fewer apps for QuickFuse to store. I hope you will consider this change. The java development world has had this for many years. You have an english file and a french file of the text used in your web application. Then you simply choose the language and the appropriate file gets used automatically allowing you to develop just one application.

Re: Better support for multiple languages

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for your feedback. We have added your request to our internal feature request list to be considered for future updates to QuickFuse.

The QuickFuse Team