Topic: Outbound result "failed (linefailure)"

This is the first time I encountered this error. It happened repeatedly. What does it mean? Is it specific to a type of destination call? For instance, this is to a magicjack provided number that works both inbound and outbound. Thought that might have something to do with the issue. It is in the Call_VP targets table

Re: Outbound result "failed (linefailure)"


This issue seems to be only related to MagicJack as we haven't seen this issue crop up for land lines or cell phones in outbound calling.

Unfortunately, we are unfamiliar with MagicJack and how it may affect outbound calls.

The QuickFuse Team

Re: Outbound result "failed (linefailure)"

What about other VOIP systems? Have your outbound calls had any trouble with them?