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We've run into what seems to be a limitation of the system: we can't find a generic way to do straight-up speech to text. In our application we want to allow a user to say the name of something and then execute a search for it using some external API's we're wiring in. But the only voice inputs appear to be for extremely specific things like last name, dates, etc. Is it possible to add the capability for generic speech to text, or can you suggest another way we can make this work?

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You're correct, QuickFuse does not offer a way to do generic speech to text. We have added your feature request to be considered for future releases of QuickFuse.

However, regarding your application, could you clarify further about the type of voice inputs that you want your application to accept? Perhaps, we can help you find a workaround.

The QuickFuse Team

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The voice inputs correspond to a set of business names. Does that help?

We did realize we can use our backend sever to fetch the set of names, which will certainly be on the order of several hundred to a few thousand; but it seems like QuickFuse can only match 10 items at a time since the interface requires a one-to-one correspondence between each name and a touch-tone pad digit/symbol.

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We would recommend you check out the "Menu from Stack" module, which can match far more than 12 choices at once.  You can use either the Fetch from URL or SOAP module to grab a long list of choices from your webservice and put them in the Stack.  The "Menu from Stack" module then loops over the rows that you put in the Stack to create a dynamic grammar for voice recognition.

You can remove all the prompts from this module, if you don't want to hear each choice out loud.  Be sure to activate voice recognition for the module and deactivate DTMF input.

The Menu from Stack returns the number of the row of the stack that was selected; to then get further data from the row, use the Get Row from Stack module with the menu option to "Get Specific Row #" selected, and use the result variable from the Menu from Stack module.

For more info check out the module docs.