Topic: Data Tables are very convenient

After spending some more time using QuickFuse, I've found the data tables to be quite useful in inputting data from my application.

It's also pretty easy to go back and edit some of that data as well.

Re: Data Tables are very convenient

Easy to use, yes -- but it takes a long time to input lots of data.  I wish there was a way to upload a bunch of data at once!  Or is there a way and I've just missed it?

Re: Data Tables are very convenient


Yes, there is a way!

Starting from the workspace page, click on the Configure tab and then click on the Data tab. From there, click on the "New Table" button to create a new table and then click on "Share/Upload". Select the option for "Upload or paste CSV" and from there, you can upload all your data at once.

The QuickFuse Team