271 Hold Music when Transferring

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272 Long Pauses

by graphx@○○●●○

273 Recording conversations

by graphx@○○●●○

274 Minimum time on the line before billing

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275 Voice prompts in a table

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276Moved: Resubmit a saved campaign

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277 hiding reply from csv upload

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278 Upload audio file?

by randulo2008@●●○○○

279 Simple DB tables

by rob@●●●○●

280 size limit?

by allison@●○●○●

281 Can I send out phone calls to other people?

by infiniteorchestra@●○●●●

282 two help windows opened simultaneously?

by osheadan1@○○●○○

283 font size

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284 hang up module

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285 reasonable limit for IVR

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286 voices for recordings

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