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Hi Admin,

Quick question do you log certain things like multiple attempts to understand a customer?

If that is logged, do you make it available?

I'm wondering how often the system is asking customers 2&3 times to please repeat their answers.

Also, if I have error handling set to transfer call to outside number, do you log when that occurs and is it available to track?

This might affect how I have the app set.

Thank you


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Can you think of any way to further simplify/improve the 1800unlocks phone system?  The less input we need from the caller, the better. 

At the moment we are using the voice recognition to gather customer's city/state and then full street address.  I think that is critical.  Using zip code doesn't get us narrowed down enough.  However I'm seeing several failure in the call logs, which appears to mean Plum is not always capturing the customer's information beginning with City/State.
We do a broad range city/state lookup if street address fails.
I do think Plum does a great job, but with impending advertisement, I want to make sure we are set up for success as best as possible. 

Caller ID to most recent failures are:
4697320322 - time was 2014-08-26 11:11:31
9122374487 - time was 2014-08-26 09:41:03

Are there other improvements we can make to the voice recognition?

Would you recommend we use a backup zip code entry if city/state fails?


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Hi Admin,
Ive done 5 test calls to my customers today using 1800unlocks/Plum.. all have disconnected upon transfer except 1 did connect.
I thought the issue I might have was transferring the phone to my customer's phone carrier whether it be VOIP/Google Voice.

However, My dad's office uses VOIP and Plum connects just fine with it.
I just did a test with a friend that is using Google Voice.  Plum did connect to his phone, so that worked too.

What could be causing all these calls to my customers to drop?

Do you have a tool to reverse lookup carriers based on caller ID? I could provide you with their numbers.
Caller ID's are:
17193201829 - didnt work- unsure of provider
19722459583- Did Work- unsure of provider
15052657807 - didnt work- unsure of provider
17157260687 - didnt work- unsure of provider
19103828895 - didnt work- unsure of provider
18042826060- Did Work -VOIP
18042146514- Did Work -Google Voice

I have shared my app with admin.
Please let me know.


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Hi Engineers, could you please do a test for 2110 Spencer Rd Richmond VA using my app to see if the system is understanding the speech and picking up the address correctly and then simply mishandling the call due to some other problem.


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Hi Admin,

I did a test at 10:42am EST today, the call failed.  The user answered but call did not connect, it just failed.

The user did say he uses At&t cell phone.  Not VOIP.

Feel free to use the address 801 North St, McSherrystown, PA 17344.  The call should forward to a 717 phone number.



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Hi Admin,

I have shared the application with 'admin'.  The problem does not always occur, however here are the steps I took when I had the error.

Steps to reproduce problem are:
-Call into application using phone number that is assigned to the application.
-Speak City & State when prompted (try Richmond Virginia) or Westminster Colorado area (there should be a locksmith/3rd party in the area)
-Speak street address when prompted (try 7100 Patterson avenue) or any address in Westminster Colorado area.
Let the system take over and route you to correct external 3rd party.

When the 3rd party answers, the phone will sometimes cut off and that is the issue.

Thank you, please let me know what you find as soon as possible.


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Is there any way to determine what could cause (and fix) intermittent call dropping post call transfer?

What happens is, customers call into our system and use the GUI app...the customer's call is then redirected to a 3rd party external phone number based on customer's input. The 3rd party end user says they see the call incoming, they answer the call but 2 seconds later the call is ended.

The situation was replicated back to back.

What can we do to troubleshoot and fix?

**UPDATE: I think the issue is that the call progress moves from 'transfer' to 'end call' in our app at the moment the 3rd party answers the call. In fact, the call progress should remain on 'transfer' during the duration of the call. It should move to 'end call' when either the customer or 3rd party actually completes and ends the call. Why is this?˜w


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There seems to be a delay between transition of the modules. Is there any way to improve the delay or run some modules (such as logging) asynchronously so as not to slow the flow during transition.