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The entry you created passed the blank for "voice_file" parameter.


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"voicemail" application is the one we use.  The copy is for the back up purpose.


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This is strange!  I see the two entries you created but when I try to call the (877) number and go through the application I get nothing for the voice_file. 

Steps I take is this:
1) I call the toll free number,
2) I enter the member id (10000)
3) then I enter the patient number (5 digits, how you were able to enter 3 digits?!)
4) I record.
5) I press 2 to exit.


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The issue is that the parameter voice_file which is the full path to the recording at production is being passed as blank while when ran using "run" button the variable voice_file is populated. I see you ran one test today (3/28).  was it production or "run" button?


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The answer is yes.  I see no problem when running it using the "run" button.  I see problem when I call the toll free number assigned to the application.


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I turned the debug and ran the application.  I did not notice any "Non2xx" error. Again, the problem only happens when I use the application "NOT" using the run option.  I noticed you used 25555 for the first entry which is wrong. use 10000 instead.  The problem is in "post_to_escript" module.


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Your assumption is correct and the application is called voicemail.


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I have an application where I send the voice file name to my web site for entry to an external database.  When i run the app in debug mode the voice file name is being passed.  When it is in run time the voice file name is being passed as empty.  please advise.


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How can I send the recorded voice file in a session to my web site through REST?


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We tested the url at fetch_url module outside QF and it is working perfectly (doing post).  Of course, one thing remains.  We are trying to pass the voice file name as part of the post.  Does the variable for recording is the actual file (.mp3) or a url/pointer?  We could not test for that.



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I started putting together an application for a voice recording service.  I get an error towards the end of app when I try to post my parameters to my website.  Please take a look and let me know what the problem is.
Also, currently the max voice mail recording has a limit of 300 sec.  How do I increase this limit?  My goal is to export the voice file into my web site.