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Outbound Applications

Outbound applications allow you to make calls out to users with one of your built applications. In this tutorial, we will first show you in Section 1 how to set up an outbound campaign. In Section 2, we will show you how to set up callees in a data table and how to upload a CSV of callees. In Section 3, we get into the meat of the tutorial by showing you how to set up your outbound calls to dial out to callees. In Section 4, we show you how to use the outbound modules, Retry This Call? and Update Call Row, within your applications. Finally, in Section 5, we move into a more complex topic on how to use the outbound API.

Section 1. Setting up an Outbound Campaign

Section 2. Setting up Callees

Section 3. Setting up your Outbound Calls

Section 4. Using the Outbound Modules

Section 5. Using the Outbound API

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