Plum Fuse

Setting up Callees

Adding Callers Manually

To begin adding users to call, click on the New Table button and provide a name for your table.

From there, click on Create to create the data table and click on the Add a row button. For our table, we're going to create two fieldnames, name and phonenum.

Enter some values for those two fields and click on Save row to save your changes or Save and add another to save your changes and add another row.

Once you have finished creating your table, you can begin to set up your outbound calls with the user interface.

Adding Callers Through a CSV File

To add users to your data table through uploading a CSV file, the process still begins the same as before. First, click on the New Table button and provide a name for your table.

Once the table has been created, click on the Share/Upload button and click on “Upload or paste CSV”.

From here, you can choose to copy and paste comma-separated values in the textbox that's provided and click on Upload to upload those values into your data table.

If you have a CSV file already available, you can upload it by clicking on the folder icon next to “Choose a CSV file to upload (max size 1MB).”

Once you've chosen a CSV file, click on the Upload button to upload the file into the data table.

You'll then be asked to confirm the upload into your data table. To proceed, click on the Confirm insert button.

Once you've confirmed the insert into the data table, you will see new data into your data table.

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