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At any point in your application building process, you can revert back to earlier revisions of your application. You can use revisions to resave older revisions so that they become the latest version of your application. Also, when using old revisions, you need not fear losing intervening revisions as the process is non-destructive.

For example, if you had built your application to a certain point to your liking and had experimented with a certain path that didn't work out, you could choose to go back to that specific point in that application (assuming, of course that you had saved a revision of your application at that point).

To select a revision, place your mouse over one of your applications and click on the Revisions option.

This will bring up a list of revisions for your application.

Select the revision of your application that you want to go back to and click on the Edit button. From here, your application will open up to that previous revision. Click on the Revert button to revert to that previous revision of the application.

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