Plum Fuse

How To Create An Application

This tutorial will teach you the techniques you need for creating an application. In Section 1, we cover how to create an application if you're a brand new user. In Section 2, we pick it up with the essence of what makes Plum Fuse so easy to use, the dragging and dropping of modules onto your workspace. In Section 3, we show you how run and save your application. In Section 4, we discuss how to edit your application and make changes to it. In Section 5, we tell you about revisions, allowing you to save an old revision of your application so that it becomes the latest version of your application. In Section 6, we cover settings that you can change for your application such as the text-to-speech voice and the default noinput/nomatch messages. Finally, in Section 7, we tell you about the Audio Manager, which you can use to upload audio recordings for your application prompts to replace the text-to-speech (TTS).

Ready to begin? Let's start on Section 1. Or if you've been here before, feel free to skip to any of the later sections.

Section 1. Creating the Application

Section 2. Dragging and Dropping Modules

Section 3. Running and Saving an Application

Section 4. Editing Your Application

Section 5. Revisions

Section 6. Settings

Section 7. Audio Manager

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