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Revisions allow you to go back to earlier versions of your application. This is particularly useful for when you are testing modules and designing your application and want to revert back to an earlier version.

To revert back to an earlier revision, click on the menu arrow for Revision.

This will allow you with the option of loading a previous revision, reloading your current revision or browsing earlier revisions of your application. Click on Browse all revisions to view all the earlier revisions.

Once you have chosen a revision, click on Open Revision to load it. This will allow you to revert your application back to one of its earlier states.

If you wish to revert your application to its most previous state, you can simply click on Load previous revision.

Lastly, you have the option of enabling or disabling periodic autosaving by clicking on the checkbox for Autosave periodically. Selecting the checkbox will enable periodic autosaving of your application. Deselecting the checkbox will disable periodic autosaving.

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