Plum Fuse

Creating the Application

This is the first section.

Starting an Application

Starting from the “My Applications” page, click on the Create an App button.

From here, you will be led to the application page, where you can begin to design your application.

Naming an Application

Now that you've created an application, let's provide a name for it. First, click on the title of the application.

Once you've clicked on it, you can then enter a title for it.

Using an Application Template

Instead of creating an application from scratch, you can use one our pre-made application templates. To do this, click on “Plum templates” from the My Apps page.

You'll notice that we offer numerous templates that you can choose from: Direct Response, Benefits Enrollment, Password Reset, Address Change, Clinical Trial, Prescription Refill, and Mobile Workforce. Once you click on an application template, you will see that the application has already been pre-made for you with modules.

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