Plum Fuse

Application Building Basics

This tutorial will teach you some basics in building an application. In Section 1, we cover how to build a simple application using the Simple Prompt module and the Hang Up or Exit module. In Section 2, we step it up with an example autoattendant application that demonstrates how to use modules for user interaction. In Section 3, we move on to branching and logic with the Branch on String and Branch on Number modules. In Section 4, we discuss the Variables and Math modules using simple applications to demonstrate variable use, concatenation, string length, and simple math. In Section 5, we tie things together with the Data Integration modules, showing you how to build a data table, how to update your data table within your application, and how to integrate SOAP webservices. In Section 6, we show you how to run other applications within an application. In Section 7, we show you how to use our messaging modules: Twitter, SMS, and Email. In Section 8, we show you how to use SOAP and REST web services to do data integration.

Section 1. Building a Simple Application

Section 2. User Interaction

Section 3. Branching and Logic

Section 4. Variables and Math

Section 5. Simple Database Integration

Section 6. Running Other Applications

Section 7. Messaging

Section 8. SOAP and REST Webservices

Section 9. VXML Subdialog

Appendix: Sample Webservice Source Code

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