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Building a Simple Application

This is the first section.

Building the Application

For our simple application, let's build an application that can be used as an outbound call reminder. Starting from our workspace page, let's drag out a Simple Prompt module onto the workspace. To do this, hold the left-click button of your mouse over the module and then drag it to the workspace page. Similarly, you can also click on the + on the module to add it to your workspace.

Now, let's enter some text for it. Inside the textbox, enter “This is a reminder to pick up The Greatest Game Ever on March 8, 2010 at 1:00 pm.”

To connect the modules together, click on the circular node of the Start module and drag it to the triangular node of the Simple Prompt module.

Next, let's drag out a Hang Up or Exit module onto the workspace.

Then, click on the circular node of the Simple Prompt module and connect it to the triangular node of the Hang Up or Exit module.

That's pretty much all that's involved with creating a simple basic application. For a recap of how to run your application, please see here.

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