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Retry this Call?

For calls that are part of an outbound campaign, the Retry this Call module sets whether the call should be retried after it is disconnected. By default, if somebody answers the phone and the app is able to begin, the call will not be retried. This module is able to override this behavior.

Please keep in mind, however, that the Retry This Call? module still obeys the retry limit for your outbound campaign. Thus, in order for this module to have any effect, your campaign must be set to retry calls more than zero times.

You may want to use this module to retry calls if the person does not respond with input to indicate that they are human and they have received the message that the outbound call is trying to deliver. For example, an answering machine may answer your outbound call, but because the app was able to begin, these calls would ordinarily not be retried. You can use this module to force the call to be retried until a human answers and performs an action such as pressing a touch-tone key in response to a prompt.

Calls that are retried as a result of this module follow the same logic and timing as dictated by the campaign for calls retried due to a busy signal, an operator, or a fax machine picking up the far end. So, for example, if your campaign is setup to retry calls after 45 minutes, a call set to retry because of this module will wait 45 minutes before retrying.

Options and Controls

Front Panel Controls

  1. Click this button to display the module menu
  2. Click this drop-down menu to select whether to retry the call after it is disconnected or to not retry the call

Menu Options





From this example, the Retry This Call? module at the beginning of the application allows for retry logic such that the outbound call is retried in case an answering machine picks up or if the callee does not enter 1 for the prompt at the beginning of the call. Once the callee enters 1 for that prompt, a second Retry This Call? module with the setting for “Don't retry” is used to stop retrying the outbound call since the user had already acknowledged the prompt.

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