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Reserve Variable

The Reserve Variable module can be used to create a variable and reserve it for future use in your application. If you expect variables to be passed from another application via the Run Another App module, you may want to use this module to create variables in this app that can receive these values.

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All variables are created as soon as the application begins running. The initial value of the variable will be the empty string ””, unless this variable is overridden by a value from another application calling it via the Run Another App module.


From this example, the “GetName” application first prompts the user to input their first name and last name. Note that we use the Reserve Variable module here to reserve the variable, age, which we will get back from the “Get Age” application. Then, the Run Another App module is used to send the variables, firstName and lastName, to the “Get Age” application. In the “Get Age” application, the user is told what they had entered for their first name and last name and then prompted to enter their age. Note that we had used the Reserve Variable modules to reserve the variables, firstName and lastName. The “Get Age” application then completes and returns to the “GetName” application. There, the Run Another App module receives the age variable from the “Get Age” application, which gets used in the Multipart Prompt module to state what the user had inputted for their age.

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