Plum Fuse

Welcome to the Developer API

Note: This section is intended for developers. For documentation on general use of Plum Fuse, return to the homepage.

Plum Fuse provides webservices so that you can fully integrate the powerful telephony capabilities of our platform with your business processes.

For now, all of our services are in REST format, accessible with a normal HTTP client. Most programming languages include a library for making HTTP requests. For scripting via the command line, we recommend the free and open-source curl utility, available for almost every platform. Examples in this documentation will be based on curl.

General API Information

  • Schema - The general format of requests and responses.
  • Authentication - How to identify yourself to the API.

Outbound API

Simple Database API

  • Uploading a CSV - How to insert data from a CSV file into a Simple Database table.
  • Downloading a CSV - How to download data from a Simple Database table in CSV format.
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