Plum Fuse

API Schema

All requests to our API are made via HTTP, port 80, and the URLs begin with:

As Plum Fuse makes changes, this base URL may change. We will notify you of any such change in advance via the Support Forum, and allow for a reasonable transition period. You should structure your API-calling code so that you can reconfigure this base URL.

All API requests return JSON unless another format is specified. JSON, or JavaScript Object Notation, is a lightweight text-based format for simple data structures. Libraries for parsing JSON are available for nearly every programming language; for more information please visit the JSON home page.

Error Responses

If a request fails for some reason, you will receive a response similar to the following:

  "message":"Filter 1 contains improperly quoted value"

You will be able to uniquely identify these responses by the error property and the non-2XX HTTP status code (usually 403 Forbidden). Successful responses will never contain an error property. The value of the error property is specific to the method that failed.

The type property will provide you with a more specific classification of error that occurred. Finally, the message property contains a human-readable description of the error that occurred.

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